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Media articles - 2016 and before

October 22, 2016: Proposal re Hong Kong 's asylum seeker policy
The asylum seeker situation in HK is a mess ... and is getting messier as more and more asylum seekers become involved in crime. I have put together some ideas that the government might use to stop the mess getting worse ... and then do a clean up

Dec 2, 2015:
Yesterday at Tuen Mun Immigration Centre I chatted with many new asylum seekers from India and Bangladesh, nearly all of them scammed into coming to HK. One group of more than a dozen from Bangladesh said that each of them paid HK$45,000 (!) to come to HK raise which they sold land, sold or melted down their mothers' and wives' gold rings etc etc.

Nov 24, 2015: HK's bogus asylum claim industry: The black-market labour racket and the middlemen making millions

Nov 22, 2015: The dark path to becoming an illegal worker in Hong Kong

Nov 14, 2015: TVB documentary on situation of HK's asylum seekers 
Asylum Angst 

Oct 5 SCMP - online report: It's time to shut the door on asylum seekers, prison chaplain urges, as crime and job prospects worsen

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2015-09-08  Asylum seekers: time for judicial inquiry

2014-12-02  Time to shut door to asylum seekers

2014-08-17 SCMP:  South Asians being smuggled into HK via Shenzhen 
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 2014-07-23  Asia Sentinel:  Stateless in HK and happy to be

2014-03-18 Hong Kong's "Dirty Secret"

2014-03-06: Hong Kong's dirty secret- thousands of asylum seekers left 

2013-10-09: Asylum seekers seek what in Hong Kong?
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